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What Should One Look For When Choosing A Boat Fender?

Boat fenders also called boat bumpers are essential equipment that we use to avoid the hull from getting into contact with the docks. They protect the boat from damage the turbulences in the water may cause by pushing the boat to rum into the docks. That is because the boat is expensive to repair while the fenders are cheaper to replace. Each of the boat fender types there are has a particular function. Reasons like those mean that the choice for the fenders will not be an easy of for the client to make. There are several factors that should be considered so that they can guide the decision of the client on the type of boat fenders.

Consideration should be made on the type of fender. Because each has a specific purpose, boat fenders come in many types. They range from the round, specialty transom, hybrid cylindrical round, cylindrical center hole and the cylindrical double eye. One should for that matter do some research on the functions of the fender before purchasing it. That will ensure that the client buys just what they need and it will be able to fit the purposes well.

Consideration should be made to the size. The size of the fender and that of the boat should be directly proportional. Among many other factors, the most used properties to determine the size of the boat are the length and the weight of the boat. The area of contact with the docks is larger in large boats and that is why they will need bigger fenders than the smaller boats. The boat size should be established by the client prior to buying fenders for it.

The other factor to consider is the numbers and the placement of the fenders. Fenders should be placed appropriately so that they can carry out their purpose. Hanging closer to the water is the position at which the fenders should be placed and for that matter that will prevent the dock from pushing them up. The effectiveness of the fenders is better when they are put appropriately within good intervals and that will help them serve better.

Consideration should be made to the cleaning and the stowage. One should use washable covers on the fenders to keep them clean and protected from the elements. Consequently one should just use soap and water to clean and not harsh products that may cause harm to the fenders. The space for stowage will be necessary in case one feels the need to have extra fenders on board.

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